About me

I’m a mother of three kids, in Grades 11, 6, and 4. They attend three different schools in Calgary’s Southwest. I love watching them play soccer, hockey, baseball and ringette.laura mug shot

While born and raised in the Calgary area, I spent two years in Northern Ontario recently. A real eye-opener for those who think paying taxes is a waste. (NO school fees, free bussing.)

I ran for Public School Board trustee in Wards 8&9 in 2010, losing a close race to the incumbent and Chair.

I’m a communicator by trade, having worked as a reporter at the Calgary Herald and in communications in a range of industries. I’ve taught PR and writing at a small college in Ontario, and yes, I’ve even worked at the CBE for a short time.

You can follow me on Twitter at @lshutiak


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